Mayor Ballard donates $400,000 to mayoral candidate Brewer, Hogsett has $2.1M in the bank

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind (April 17, 2015)-- Mayor Greg Ballard made a major financial contribution to Mayoral hopeful Chuck Brewer. Campaign finance reports were due Friday and Mayor Ballard’s $400,000 contribution is the single largest for Brewer."It’s a statement that Mayor Ballard supports Chuck Brewer," said Kyle Walker,Chairman of the  Marion County Republican Party.

Including Ballard's donation, Brewer has raised  over $650,000.

"You just need to have enough money to win. Now, that amount goes up if the other side spends a lot of money," said Andy Downs, director of the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics.

Brewers opponent, former U.S Attorney Joe Hogsett, has been busy collecting cash. Currently, he has $2.1 million in hand, according to his filings.

"We have to remember that we aren't even at the primary yet. There is still an awful amount of time for Brewer to raise money," said Downs.

Brewer released a statement that reads in-part, “Mayor Ballard has proven that we can make tremendous progress in the city and he has also proven that you don’t have to have the most money to win the Indy Mayor’s race.”

"The last two mayoral races the candidate that had the most money did not win," said Walker.

A statement released by Hogsett's campaign manager reads, “I am confident that we are well-positioned to build on the enthusiasm and excitement for Joe’s campaign for a stronger, safer Indianapolis.”

The other two democratic candidates have yet to raise campaign funds.

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