‘Your Town Friday’ heads to Southport!

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SOUTHPORT (April 17, 2015) - This morning “Your Town Friday” is heading to Southport!  You’ll find the Marion county community just 10 miles south of downtown Indy.  While the city is small, home to about 1,700 Hoosiers, residents say they live on the edge of a big city.

“We’re baking from the moment we get here to the moment we leave,” said Tracey Held.

Not baking pies and cookies and cakes but baking dog bones and dog biscuits.  For over nine years Tracey Held has been channeling her creativity by crafting treats at her Bella Dog bakery and Biscuit Company in Southport.

“Everything we do is licensed by the Indiana State Chemist at Purdue.  Everything has to meet their nutritional needs so it’s governed like feed is governed.  We have everything from green bean to carrot to peanut butter to lavender, which is common, we have blueberry, pumpkin, sweet potato, we even have pizza because I was raised on pizza and hey, shouldn’t the dogs have a little pizza, too?” asked Tracey.

They make 20,000 dog treats every single week.  They also carry holistic foods for both dogs and cats.

“We care about our pets like we care about our kids.  They’re not just pets, they are fur-kids.  They’re part of our family.”

For over 20 years the Southport Antique Mall has seen many visitors and many trends come and go.

“Well, this place was started in 1994 by my in-laws and they decided to open their own business and had always enjoyed antiques and there wasn’t anything around here.  They felt that met that niche so they decided we’re going to do it.  Things have changed, trends have changed, obviously since 1994, things have gone from more of Victorian traditional antiques to more of a mid-century modern, deco kind of trends now,” said Krissy Haganman, project coordinator at the Southport Antique Mall.

Inside the 36,000 square foot building are thousands and thousands of antiques!

“We have over 200 dealers in here so each one is in their own space.   They specialize in their own unique items but the mall itself is very eclectic.  Anybody can go to a store and buy something brand new, but there’s something about having a piece that you can date back to a certain era or know that my great grandmother had a piece like this,” said Krissy, who believes it's the staff that keeps customers coming back.

“This place is a huge family and we try to treat our guests as if they’re a guest in our home,” said Krissy.

The city of Southport and some of the surrounding area is home to a lot of refugees from Myanmar, Malaysia and India…and if you’re open to trying some new cuisine…I have just the place for you!

Along Madison Avenue in a strip mall you’ll find Chin Brothers Restaurant and Grocery.  While the inside is very simple--just a few tables and chairs--it’s what comes out of the kitchen that is sure to satisfy any palette.  Back in 2007 Than Hre lost his job and bought an existing Indian grocery store and turned it into a Burmese grocery store

“It’s totally Asian food, 50% India, Middle East, 50% Chin food, we don’t sell other country food,” said Than Hre.

He later added an attached restaurant featuring Burmese cuisine.

“50% is Indian and 50% is Burmese, Indian, and Chin, so 3 items.  It’s a good location, it’s easy to come here, it’s an affordable price and good customer service,” said Than.

And since then, he’s been keeping bellies full 6 days a week during the breakfast and lunch hour.

“They love my food, they so enjoy it.  They have their taste expectation, the taste they are expecting to get, and they are getting that here.  My chef is from Myanmar, he stayed 7 years in Malaysia waiting to come here to the U.S.  We are very good at cooking food and ingredients.  In Malaysia there are a lot of ingredients at restaurants.  I don’t know how to cook either, I just know how to eat!” said Than.

And I’m like Than.  I don’t really know how to cook either but I can certainly eat.  First we try the Pouri which is their most popular breakfast item and very affordable at just $3.

“For breakfast we sell Pouri.  It’s a cake we eat and drink with coffee, tea or juice,” said Than,

Next it’s the soup!

“The soup is veggie, seafood mixed with chicken,” said Than.

For lunch the curry, pork, beef, vegetable and rice dishes are pretty popular and everything is fresh, nothing frozen!

“We go to Chicago every week to get all fresh vegetables to sell here and cook here.  It’s all fresh and the reason people come here is because it’s convenient.  They eat here, they shop here, one door.”

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