As daughter fights cancer, family loses son

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 22, 2015) -- A family already fighting the battle of a lifetime now faces even more tragedy.

We're all told to walk a mile in someone else's shoes, but walking in Jody Whittaker's shoes is something not many can understand.

"I go day by day. ... I honestly don't know how to explain how I do it, I just do it because they're my kids," Whittaker said.

Whittaker's daughter Aryan, 8, has spent a year and a half battling cancer. Through two surgeries, one to remove part of her lung, Aryan and the Facebook group "Aryan's Army of Angels" have stayed strong.

"She’s been pretty great. I have videos of her dancing with her friends and her sister up at Riley, even hooked up to chemo," Whittaker said.

That smiling, happy spirit held strong in her older brother, too. Logan, 15, spent most of his life enduring seizures. A few weeks ago, in the middle of his sister's treatment, something went wrong.

"We were going to go get chemo for Aryan, so I was already going to (the hospital). ... I went back in (his room) and I looked at him and he took a big breath and that's the last breath he took," Whittaker said.

This past weekend, Logan lost his battle. Whittaker was left to bury her son as she stayed strong for her daughter.

It is an unthinkable burden that prompted a friend to start a fundraising site and Wayne Township Schools to sell buttons for Logan to pitch in for the funeral.

"Everybody loved Logan. If you met him, you fell in love with him. You couldn't help but love his smile and his attitude and his character," Whittaker said.

It's his good attitude that Whittaker hopes to model, for her daughter as she finishes chemo and for others who see her story.

"I just hope people would learn from my kids that it doesn’t have to be miserable, just because you have problems," Whittaker said.

You can donate to Logan's fund at the website here.