‘What happened to my glasses?’ Mother upset after daughter forced to remove glasses for school photo

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O’FALLON, Mo. (April 22, 2015) – A Missouri mother says a photographer shouldn’t have made her daughter remove her glasses for a school picture.

Amanda Lubiewski’s 3-year-old daughter Abby was born with cataracts due to a rare genetic syndrome called Hallerman-Streiff. As a result, she needs her glasses to see.

“Without her glasses, she only perceives light and dark. So she has no vision at all without her glasses,” Amanda told KTVI.

When Amanda received her daughter’s school pictures, she noticed Abby wasn’t wearing her glasses.

“I knew then that she couldn’t see, and I couldn’t quite comprehend what would be going through someone’s mind to ask her to take those off.”

The photo especially bothered Amanda because it’s the photo authorities would use if Abby ever went missing. She said the photo looks nothing like her daughter, who always wears her glasses.

Even Abby noticed a problem. Looking at the photo, she asked, “What happened to my glasses?”

Other students were allowed to keep their glasses on, so Amanda reached out to the photography business on Facebook to explain the situation and ask why her daughter was treated differently. The photographer had taken pictures with Abby’s glasses on, but she was looking away. Amanda said other photographers managed to work around the glare from Abby’s glasses.

The company apologized and set up another photo shoot at no cost.

“It’s not just about getting a cute picture of her," Amanda said. "It’s how she was treated, and how it seems like she was treated differently because there was a part of her that was difficult to photograph.”

Source: KTVI