Carmel teaching assistant out of prison in Spain, talks to FOX59

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 23, 2015)–  Carmel Clay Middle School teaching assistant Brett Wright is out on bond after his arrest in Spain. Wright, 23,  was arrested in Madrid on March 15. He has been in prison since his arrest.

"There was a lot of confusion on my part and their part.  Really, a huge misunderstanding," said Wright.

FOX59 talked with Wright via FaceTime Thursday from an apartment in Spain.

Wright’s trip was a gift from his mother and father for graduating with honors from Drake University. He was an all-star athlete and health and sciences major.

This is Wright’s first trip traveling out of the country. He was meeting up with his brother Jonathon in Spain and Jonathon’s soccer teammates from the University of Louisville.

Wright never connected with his brother.

While touring Madrid, Wright was approached by men in plain clothing. He thought he was being mugged and also does not speak Spanish.  During that fight, one of the officer's broke his leg.

"There was no intent at all to hurt anyone. I feel horrible.  After all of this, I`ve learned that it`s important now to respond in a calm manner and that will avoid any situation like this. When they used physical force, I at the time, thought I was defending myself. I realized they were police, when they put me in the police car," said Wright.

Wright also believes he may have been a victim of racial profiling: "Some of the questions asked me if I was Islamic or not."

Wright's legal team is working on a plea bargain, but it will likely be weeks before Brett can come back to the United States.

Senator Dan Coats’ office tells FOX59 they are aware of Brett’s arrest. Senator Coats’ office has reached out to the American Embassy in Spain.

Wright says he is excited to get back to teaching at Carmel Clay Middle School and is thankful for all the support. Friends have donated more than $15,000 to help the Wright family pay for legal and travel expenses.

"Thank you for all the help, unbelievable the help so far. Just want to ask for continued support and prayer. And, hopefully this ends quickly and gets resolved," said Wright.

Wright is staying with a missionary family in Madrid while he waits to settle the charges.

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