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Man disrupts Kindergarten concert with ‘English Only’ chant

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(April 27, 2015) – Parents in an Iowa community were outraged after a man interrupted a kindergarten concert. They say he was yelling racist chants.

The kids were on stage preparing for their upcoming concert. KCCI reports that introductions were made in English, and then a Spanish translator took over.

Parents say that’s when a man stood up and yelled “English only.”

The man was escorted out of the concert, but many parents are upset their children had to witness the man’s rant.

One parent Juan Ordonez told KCCI, “I think it kind of gives the wrong idea to the kids you know, like more bullying in schools.”

The community has a high Latino population. That’s another reason why parents want to know why someone would make a statement like that.

“It doesn’t matter what color our skin is or what language we speak, you know. We’re all the same people,” said Ordonez.