Wind energy could see boost in Indiana due to new EPA rules

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MADISON COUNTY, Ind. (April 27, 2015) - Wind energy in Indiana could see huge growth thanks to new rules being considered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Energy experts believe changes aimed at cutting carbon emissions could cause a demand for clean power like wind.

The City of Elwood is still seeing positive results from the Wildcat Wind Farm. The farm is compromised of 125 turbines located in Madison and Tipton Counties.

"I think it’s good for Indiana to have more, the school system the local school system got tax money out of it property tax money, the county got a lot of property tax money out of it," said Bill Savage, Economic Development Director for the city of Elwood.

Savage said the turbines have put Elwood on the map.

EPD Renewables owns two wind farms in Indiana, with about 400 turbines generating power in the state. A spokesperson for the company said depending on the final rules there's potential to add projects in Indiana. The company cites several reasons why Indiana is attractive for wind energy, like a positive track record of successful projects, along with available capacity on existing transmission lines.

Rick Jarrett has seven wind turbines on his farm. He believes more wind farms would be good for the state but encourages property owners like himself to do their research.

"Living with them is, you just walk out your house and you they’re no problem you don’t hear them they’re just almost like they’re not here anymore," said Jarrett.

Utility companies are waiting to see what the rule changes could mean. Wind and solar energy make up 10% of IPL's portfolio. A spokesperson said they are working to diversify by utilizing various energy sources.

The new EPA rules are not finalized yet.