New fund created to help officers injured in the line of duty

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INDIANAPOLIS,Ind (April 29, 2015)The Indianapolis Police Foundation launched a new fund to help officers who are critically injured in the line of duty.

The 'Code One Fund' will provide  financial assistance for officers and their families.The idea is show the wounded officer that the community is still behind them.

"The only thing this man ever wanted was to be was a police officer," said Fran Cortez.

The dream of serving the streets of Indianapolis was cut short for Officer Santos Cortez. In 2012,his squad car was hit by a drunk driver, pushing him into an intersection where he was hit again by an oncoming driver.Santos is paralyzed from the chest down.

"What people don't know is that in the three years since his accident, you name the complication and this man has had it,"said Fran Cortez.

Fran Cortez says her husband’s accident not only stripped him of his ability to patrol the streets,but his injuries have also robbed him of the responsibilities  he once took for granted.

"To not be able to feel like you can take care of your wife, your kids or even yourself anymore, I cant explain to you what that does to a person," said Fran Cortez.

"Our community recognizes these names but too often forgets about the impact these injuries have had on their lives and the lives of their families," said Dane Nutty, executive director of the Indianapolis Police Foundation.

The new fund provided the Cortez family with $34,000.The family will use that money towards purchasing a new handicap accessible home.

"To know that they still consider me one of their brothers in blue even though I'm not on the streets is amazing," said Officer Cortez.

The Indianapolis Police foundation is trying to raise $200,000 to help future officers injured in the line of duty.  You can learn more here.  


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