Colts fans take advantage of the ‘ultimate experience’ at NFL Draft Town

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CHICAGO, Ill. (May 1,2015)--Colts fans invaded Chicago this weekend for the NFL Draft. It's the first time the draft has been held outside of New York, NY in over 50 years.

Along with the draft, fans were able to take advantage of 'Draft Town'--the ultimate fan experience. There were drills and demonstrations along with memorabilia and player interviews.

The draft also allowed fans to take advantage of the Windy City.

"We have been to a couple of draft parties, we've been downtown and just exploring everything it's been really nice," said Rebecca Brooker.

It's been great being here with my dad, doing this is a huge check off of our bucket list," said Colts fan Felica Hobson.

The Colts selected wide receiver Phillip Dorsett in the first round. The move gives Andrew Luck another weapon on offense. Colts fans who made the trip to Chicago have their ideas on what the Colts need to win another Super Bowl.

"I think the kid is talented, but this is probably a luxury pick. I don't feel like it was a necessity pick," said Colts fan Matt Brothers.

"I suppose that I would like to see either someone protect Andrew Luck or someone on the defensive side. I think we need a safety and some run stoppers," said John Coltran.

"It was interesting, I was thinking more of a defensive pick but i think it will be good," Amanda Cruthers.

This year, the draft is bringing  fans together from every team--some Chicago Bears fans haven't recovers from the 2006 Super Bowl.

"It still stings, it still hurts. I still have animosity built up against the Colts. I have repsect for Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck but it's forever going to hurt. They stole my ring,"Mathew Schwertfeger

Some Broncos fans are thankful number 18 is now playing in Denver.

"I hated when he was with Indianapolis. I mean we would always lose to him," said Pete Sanchez.

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