Vision Fleet CEO sends email to council, makes contract public after concerns about transparency

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (May 1, 2015) – Concerns about transparency have prompted the release of a contract to rent fuel efficient vehicles for staff within the City of Indianapolis. In an apparent about face the $32 million contract between the city and Vision Fleet was released to city-county council members.

Several councilors cried foul over the heavily redacted contract during a committee meeting earlier this week. One council member even compared the document to the CIA account of killing Osama bin Laden. When asked if they could view the full contract, council members were told they would have to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Vision Fleet CEO Michael Brylawski responded to the criticism with an email to council members. A PDF of the email is available here: Vision Fleet letter to council.

In the email, Brylawski, said he was surprised to read the negative reactions regarding the Freedom Fleet Project. He went on to say, “Vision Fleet prides itself as open, transparent and data driven.”

Bart Brown, CFO of the City-County Council, said he is reviewing the contract to determine if the city will realize any savings from the program.

“Given the extend of the redactions and the cost add-onsĀ  discovered during today’s initial review of the unredacted contract, it will take us a few days to conduct a thorough analysis and determine the true cost of this contract,” said Brown.

Brown told FOX59 he has been trying to get an unredacted copy of the contract for months.

The city signed a 7 year, $32 million contract with Vision Fleet. Indianapolis is the company’s first client and promised to rent 425 cars.

According to the Department of Public Works, each gas-powered car costs the taxpayer an estimated $9,000 annually, while a Freedom Fleet car is expected to cost $7,400 annually.

Council members serving on the Public Safety and Criminal Justice committee expressed concern about the cars being used by IMPD.

The Department of Public Safety released the following statement: “Vision Fleet is an initiative headed up by DPW and isn’t something DPS was involved in at the procurement level. To that end, DPW can provide much more insight into the program overall. DPS certainly supports Mayor Ballard’s commitment to reducing our city’s dependence on foreign oil and our depatment will do its part as a participant in the program. We have taken receipt of 70 vehicles thus far and are expecting to take delivery of an additional 70 before June 1.”

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