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‘Your Town Friday’ explores the Meridian-Kessler neighborhood in Indy!

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It’s time for “Your Town Friday” and for the next four weeks we are all about Indy!  This morning we are exploring the Meridian-Kessler neighborhood.  The neighborhood is very diverse and prides itself on independently owned and unique businesses.  You'll find Meridian-Kessler from 38th street to Kessler Boulevard...and Meridian Street to the Monon trail.  The neighborhood is just about 6 miles north of downtown Indy.

From the owner of The Flying Cupcake comes The Dancing Donut which just opened 4 weeks ago!

“I’m a big baker at home and I also am a dessert connoisseur.  Donuts for me was something I wanted to open for a while.  We’re in every night before midnight starting the process.  Everything is made by hand and from scratch.  We have a specific rise process on our dough, we do a 3rd rise and then everything is hand-cut and hand-friend, we do the finishes and by the time you come in at 7am we’ve been up all night working on the donuts,” said owner Kate Drury.

You'll find the shop off 54th Street right near the Monon Trail.   Owner Kate Drury describes the inside of her place as industrial meets vintage chic with plenty of seating, little unique items for sale and even a disco ball!  But if you don't seem to notice all of that, it’s okay!  Your eyes are probably focused on what’s behind the glass.

“We’re donuts, donuts and donuts. Our “John Dough” is our yeast donut, it’s gigantic!  It’s a 5 inch cut, that’s our biggest seller because everyone loves a yeast donut but we also have a “Butter Crumble” or the “Kevin Bacon” which is a maple long john with real crumbled bacon on top,” said Kate.

An interesting tidbit…the donuts all have creative names, most with a dancing theme.

If the donuts weren’t about this?  From vegan food to hearty meat lover dishes, you'll find a diverse food and drink menu at The Sinking Ship off College and 50th Street.

“Chicken and waffles are a big hit on the carnivore side.  It’s two Belgian waffles with friend chicken in between.  For the vegan options we have Satan wings which are like a vegan boneless wing.  It’s locally sourced from Killer Tofu.  Our burgers are the best in the city!  We get our meat from locally sourced from Kincaid’s Meat Market,” said General Manager, Nate Gonzales.

And while Nate is the first to admit it’s all bar food, he says it’s good bar food because of how it’s prepared.

“Our kitchen manager is Bear.  He is meticulous with his preparation.  Everything is broken down into portion sizes and scientifically done.  Everything is made fresh daily, we don’t freeze anything and we use freshest ingredients we can,” said Nate.

And they keep the atmosphere fun for diners and drinkers!

“It’s high energy, laid back, a working class kind of hockey bar.  It gets rowdy during games, but it’s a fun atmosphere, the staff is younger and energetic and everyone has fun here,” said Nate.

For the last 18 months Anne Collins and her 2 business partners have been equipping Hoosiers with various urban homestead feed & supplies at a little shop called Agrarian off of 49th Street and College.

“The chickens keep us going every single day.  We sell all the supplies, the feed, water, pine shavings, things for daily maintenance.  The population of urban chicken feeders is growing so fast and we see that in our feed sales but also bee keeping is becoming huge and growing for us as well.  We also sell chicks which is a big draw for all the families.  We have gardening, organic seeds, local seeds, rain barrels and gift items that go with that kitchen supplies,” said co-owner Anne Collins.

And all of those supplies are local.

“It’s definitely a local minded place.  We are all about Indy and the community and Meridian-Kessler.  It’s where we live and we buy our feed from Lebanon and Shelbyville, instead of going to a big box store and buying a commercial feed,” said Anne.

Anne says part of what Agrarian is known for is educating their customers, whether you're just getting started with a chicken coup, beehive or garden....or you're looking to expand what you already have.

“We do a lot of classes like bee keeping, chicken keeping, goat keeping, maple syrup tapping and soap making.  All kinds of things.  People are so out of touch with their food these days.  There are chemicals in processed things and people want to go back to their roots and learn how to make that cucumber in own garden, or raw honey and fresh eggs, instead of relying on farmers market or just the grocery story.  They want to know where their food is coming from which is a lost art these days,” said Anne.



















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