Thief steals money from donation jar, supplies after breaking into animal rescue

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (May 11, 2015)-- Police are looking for a man who broke into an animal rescue and stole a laptop, cash, and pennies from a donation jar. Heaven After Hell Rescue on W. 21st St. reported two robberies in April. Rescue volunteer Emily Silver said during the first robbery, someone stole a brand new laptop that had been donated and $175 in adoption money made over that weekend.

A few days later, the rescue was broken into again. This time, a surveillance camera inside captured the suspect opening a door, but then quickly shutting it.

"He opened the door and he must’ve seen the camera light," said Silver. "It was just enough to catch his face and then the door was shut."

The thief stole floor dyers, supplies, a grill, and about 300 pennies from a donation jar.

Workers also found the air conditioning unit had been tampered with.

"We assume it was for copper wiring purposes to scrap," said Silver. "However with the tampering, that has caused it to stop working. Our compressor has gone out."

It's hard for the average person to make out who the man in the video is, but Silver and her co-workers believe they know exactly who it is and they have informed police.

Now they're waiting for an arrest that can't come soon enough.

"For you to be that desperate to come in and steal from our animals... it's just, it's sad," said Silver. "It makes me feel sad for that individual honestly, because how could you stoop so low to pick something like this?"

The rescue runs on donations and money made from adoptions and cannot afford to replace the air conditioning unit on its own. Those interested in assisting can visit the Heaven After Hell Facebook Page to learn how they can help.