Central Indiana town lowers speed limit in school zone

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WHITESTOWN, Ind. (May 13, 2015)-- One central Indiana town fought for the right to reduce the speed limit in its school zones, and Wednesday morning that battle ended. Early Wednesday morning, Whitestown lowered the speed limit on Main Street, in front of Boone Meadow Elementary School, to 25 mph.

In the past, the road in front of the school was primarily used by farmers, but now families also use the road to get to and from school.

Local leaders wanted to see drivers take it slow in the area. The Whitestown Town Council approved the speed limit change Tuesday evening.

The community pushed lawmakers to change state law in order to give cities and towns the right to reduce the speed limit in school zones to less than 30 mph, if they want.

One woman who drops a child off at the school every day said she’s excited about the change.

“This is a great first step, I hope they enforce it. And I also hope that they can put more sidewalks in, so families can really utilize how close they live to that school,” said Emily Wirt.

There may be even more children walking to the school in the near future.

Already this year, the town has issued nearly 100 permits to new build new homes in the community.

Last fall the school installed new crosswalks and solar-powered speed signs to increase student safety in the area.