Mother of motorcyclist killed in deadly hit and run begs for driver to come forward

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LAWRENCE, Ind. (May 13, 2015)-- The mother of a motorcyclist killed in a deadly hit-and-run is begging for the driver to come forward.

"I don`t want to see that video. It is too early in the grieving process to see that. I don`t want to have any anger in my heart because my son is loved," explained Jonathan Macklin's mother, Julianna Sliger-Macklin.

Macklin, 25, died in the hit-and-run in the 8100 block of Pendleton Pike, near McCoy Street just before 11 p.m. Sunday.

Video shows a white SUV, possibly a 2000 to 2006 Chevy Tahoe, Suburban or GMC Yukon turned in front of the motorcycle, causing the crash.

“It looked to us like it just kept right on,” said Capt. Gary Woodruff, with the Lawrence Police Department. “We don’t even see brake lights.”

The impact was so severe, police say Macklin died instantly, even though he was wearing a helmet.

"He was living his life and he had big plans. I am hurt. His life is gone forever. From one person who made the wrong judgment," said Sliger-Macklin.

Sliger-Macklin, hopes the person who hit and killed her son will do the right thing and go directly to police.

"Please come forward. I am not mad at you. I forgive you. My son is in heaven and resting and you are not bringing him back my coming forward. But I will have some peace and justice," said Sliger-Macklin.

Police believe the white SUV has visible damage to the driver's side.

Macklin's funeral will be next Friday, May 22 in his hometown outside of Chicago.

"I will have some peace and justice . It is just good to know that you are man enough, woman enough and teenager enough to acknowledge that you did it. That is what he would have done. Jonathan would never have left the scene of an accident," said Sliger-Macklin.

Investigators say they've gotten several tips since we started airing the surveillance video.

Anyone who witnessed anything is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.