Want to get this $400,000 house for just $150? Here’s how

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HOUSTON HEIGHTS, Texas (May 15, 2015) – A family wants to sell their $400,000 house for just $150—but there’s a catch.

Michael Wachs owns the home in the fashionable Houston Heights neighborhood in Texas. He and his family want to move closer to his daughter’s school, which is why the house is on the market, reports KTRK.

Rather than list the two-bedroom home, he’s decided to host an essay contest with a $150 entry fee.

Why the contest?

“This is the only method that we can think of that we could get our money back and also give a chance to someone to start a new life or build a home right in the city,” Wachs, a realtor, told the Houston TV station.

The essays are limited to 200 words. The writer of the winning entry gets the 1,000-square-foot home and must pay closing costs.

Wachs says he’ll need 3,000 applications by mid-June to sell the home at market value. He expects to see a number of entries and knows he’ll have to do a lot of reading in the coming weeks.

The deadline to enter the essay is June 13. Click here to see pictures of the home and learn more about the entry process.

Source: KTRK

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