IN Focus: CEO Mark Miles on Indy 500, Super Bowl, RFRA

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INDIANAPOLIS (May 17, 2015) - In a wide ranging conversation with FOX59, Hulman and Company CEO Mark Miles talks about everything from politics to the improvements being made at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

In 2013, state lawmakers approved a bill that allows IMS to capture nearly $100 million of its own tax revenue in future years, and IMS officials are already busy modernizing the facility.

In the video above, Miles describes some of the efforts now underway, including new high-def video boards.

In this week's edition of 'IN Focus' the track's chief exec also discusses his role in the efforts to bring the Super Bowl to Indy, and the effort to bring it back.

Miles was also part of the talks at the Statehouse over the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act, as business leaders convinced lawmakers to make changes to the bill that put Indiana in the national spotlight.

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