SPECIAL COVERAGE: 103rd Running of the Indianapolis 500

No traffic problems reported following the Indianapolis 500

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SPEEDWAY, Ind. (May 24, 2015) -- Emptying out the Indianapolis Motor Speedway takes patience, politeness and police. A traffic plan that was developed months ago was executed after the race ended Sunday and it appears to have worked. There were no reported problems getting race fans out of the track. Some heavy traffic stretched in to the early evening Sunday, but nothing more than that.

The initial burst of fans flooded the streets around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Those on foot had to eventually coexist with the people who drove. It took help from police to keep things under control, and it worked. A law enforcement official said there were no reports of crashes and drivers seemed to have kept their cool. After all, the Indianapolis 500 is a fun time for many.

"It's my first time," said Sara Garner. "It was great, besides all the stairs we had to walk up."

Garner and her race companion Jean Ann Hall had a penthouse suite which gave Garner a birds eye view of things she had never seen before.

"The pit, watching them change tires in two seconds. Like, it's the fastest thing I've ever seen," Garner added.

It was also Mamie McLain's first time at the Indy 500.

"I think I'd seen one do it in 11 seconds, so it was great," McLain said.

She was with her friend David Duncan who says, "The best part is just the people, the food, the drivers and how loyal the fans are."

There were no major crimes reported. A law enforcement official said there were just some fist fights and a couple of thefts.

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