Former Ball State University student killed in Washington, D.C. shooting

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Charnice Milton (Photo courtesy of FOX5/ Capital Community News)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 28, 2015)– A former Ball State University student who went on to be a reporter in Washington, D.C. was shot and killed on her way home from work.

27-year-old Charnice Milton’s family says she was walking home Wednesday night and was shot by someone on a dirt bike. Police say Milton was used as a human shield and was not the intended target. The shooter got away.

Ken McClendon, the victim’s father, called the suspect who used her as a shield a “coward” in an interview with FOX5. Milton’s family is hoping those responsible will turn themselves in.

Milton attended BSU and went on to get her master’s degree from Syracuse.

“She had her own condition of Asperger’s and it was presumed because of her special condition, she would never excel and never achieve any great feat,” McClendon told FOX5. “Yet walking our daughter walk across the stage at Bishop McNamara High School with honors, then going to Ball State and graduating with honors, then graduating at Syracuse with honors, and then staying here in southeast Washington D.C., when she could have gone anywhere.”

She was a contributing reporter for Capital Community News.

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