Two girls fighting brain cancer receive major support in Anderson

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ANDERSON, Ind. (May 30, 2015) – In Anderson Saturday, the community came together for a great cause. Wrestling was the main attraction, but there were two young ladies, that truly stole the show.

Outside Greek’s pizzeria in Anderson, all eyes were glued to the wrestling ring.

But the real fight was going on in the audience…

11 year old Jillian Reed is a fighter, “I have gioblastoma multiforme,” she said.

“Brain cancer, it’s incurable, but we’re trying not to use that word,” said Jillian’s father, Jeff Reed.

Jeff is by her side through it all.

“We’re staying strong with it, she’s going through her second round of chemo right now and we’re just praying and staying on this road the best we can,” said Jeff.

“It’s a lot to go through,” said 24 year old Elizabeth Callender.

Callender is a fighter too. She’s also living with and fighting brain cancer.

“Every week for five days I take the chemo medicine and it takes me down, but I’m getting through it, I have one more month to take it,” said Callender.

These two girls are suffering from an unspeakable disease, but received a world of support Saturday.

“This is the perfect opportunity for a lot of people to reach out and help these two young ladies,” said Skip Ockomon.

Ockomon is an Anderson City firefighter, and all around great guy. He goes to church with Elizabeth and Jillian. He organized Saturday’s fundraiser to help the two girls’ families pay for overwhelming medical expenses, endless travel to hospitals, and other day to day needs.

“This is one way we could do it, was have this wrestle for life event and we think it’s going to be an annual event, helping somebody else next year,” he said.

Wrestling for life, now the name of this new Anderson staple attracted a crowd, even the rain couldn’t deter.

Wrestling for life a name, but also, a fight mirrored in the day to day lives of these two survivors.

“It means a lot,” said Jillian.

“I feel very lucky to have so many people here supporting both of us,” said Callender.

Volunteers at the event continued their support of these families by following them home to renovate their houses.

If you’d like to help this cause and others fighting brain cancer visit

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