IN Focus: Coats, Donnelly talk ISIS, Patriot Act

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It’s another do-or-die showdown in Congress, over the Patriot Act, as lawmakers face a key midnight deadline.

President Obama is urging the Senate to renew the controversial phone records program, which allows roving wiretaps, searches of business records and surveillance of people suspected of terror-related activities.

“It’s too important for the security of the American people not to,” said Senator Dan Coats, R-Indiana, who spoke with FOX59 in this week’s edition of IN Focus. “This program is too important to let it lapse. It puts Americans at risk (and) we cannot take a bet that nothing will happen between Sunday evening whenever it does get passed.”

“I was unbelievably frustrated,” said Sen. Joe Donnelly, D-Indiana. “At a time when ISIS is causing so much havoc in the Middle East and at the same time trying to stir up lone wolf attacks right here in our own country, to leave the country without the ability to do surveillance even for a minute is extremely dangerous.”

Watch the video above to see more of our interview with Coats and watch the video below to see more of our interview with Sen. Donnelly.