Police end landfill search for clues in missing Indianapolis infant

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (May 31, 2015) -- Detectives with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department are trying to figure out what's next in the search for a missing three-month-old Indianapolis baby who is now presumed dead. The man who police say was the last to see her is walking free, but police still consider Janna Rivera's father a person of interest.

Sealed up in hazard materials suits, more than 40 detectives sifted through heaps of trash looking for anything that might say something about where baby Janna is and what happened. Police believe the child is dead based on the amount of time that's passed since she was last seen.

"We have had interviews with the father of the baby," said Lt. Richard Riddle with IMPD.

Riddle says Janna Rivera's father is the only person of interest, but is no longer in police custody. Police say he told them the baby’s body was placed in an east side dumpster. They followed the path of the trash to South Side Landfill Incorporated on Kentucky Avenue, but the trash search yielded no results.

"Unfortunately we don't have a legal reason to hold him now," Riddle said. "We don't know if baby Janna was killed intentionally, we don't know if she died accidentally."

Neighbor Kimberly Jones said she came home from work Friday when the search for Janna began. The search efforts went from inside the girl's home to a retention pond in back to the landfill.

"I just hope that they find her and just properly put her to rest the way it really should be," Jones said.