Man uses personal tragedy to start cleaning business aimed to give people clean starts

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CARMEL, Ind. (June 2, 2015) - Getting a clean start. That's why Lou Sanchez started a new car cleaning business here in central Indiana. But first, he had to go through something that was truly very messy.

Lou's son was arrested in northern Indiana for causing a deadly accident while under the influence. When it happened, Lou and his wife lived in Florida, but after visiting him in prison, they knew they had to move closer.

“I came to visit him (and) we decided we have to come up here,” said Lou.

“It wasn’t even in our mind that we’d be moving here,” said Lou’s wife, Wendy. “But coming out of prison the second day, Louis turned to me and said ‘I have to be here.’”

So they moved to Carmel to be closer to Lou's son, and not long after, Lou decided his new cleaning business would serve another purpose--to help give people like his son a fresh start when they get out.

On the Carmel Auto Cleaning web site, Lou describes his company as "a local small business that's trying to provide employment for hard-working, background-check-challenged individuals."

“One of the things that motivated me to open this business is that I was thinking how hard it was with a background check to get work, not only my son, but people that we’ve known in ministry in past years it doesn’t take many things on your background to make you unemployable,” Lou said. “So here we are cleaning cars. It’s a good honest day’s work.”

And while it doesn't take Lou too long to clean a car, he says it's far more important to give people a clean start in life.

“Some people just need someone to believe in them,” said Lou. “(To) give them a second chance, a third chance, a fourth chance, I think we all need that.”