IN Focus: Here’s what you’ll see on this week’s show

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On this week's edition of IN Focus:

-Glenda Ritz is running for Governor, so what are her chances of winning? FOX59 sits down with IndyStar columnists Matthew Tully and Tim Swarens, who  discuss Ritz’s candidacy, her chances in 2016, and the controversy over her apparently photo-shopped web site pictures, showing “supporters” holding Glenda Ritz 2016 campaign signs.

-Two big stories this week stemming from the fallout over RFRA. We'll discuss the politics of Indy Pride, and the controversy over the newly formed 'Church of Cannabis'

-We'll also have the latest on the controversy over VisionFleet, and the dramatic increase in child abuse cases in Indiana.

Join us Sunday morning at 9:30 on FOX59 for this week's edition of IN Focus and let us know what you think using the hashtag #INfocus

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