Report of bedbugs at Eskenazi Health prompts investigation

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (June 11, 2015)-- A west side woman said she got released from Eskenazi Hospital on Thursday afternoon, only to get home and find what she calls bed bugs crawling on items there with her during her hospital stay.

The claim follows a report earlier this month of bedbugs in a certain part of the hospital.

The woman's claim was enough to prompt hospital officials to launch an investigation Thursday afternoon.

Chloe Taylor still has the bracelet to prove it. Three days, down for the count, she spent them at Eskenazi Hospital. But Taylor claims she found creepy crawlies all over her stuff when she got home from the hospital on Thursday afternoon.

"I started checking my things. I found bedbugs on my bed, bedbugs on my clothes. I was not very happy about it," she said, "I just started seeing little baby red bugs crawling all over my bed."

She said she killed about a dozen of them and put the tissues in a bag. Many of the alleged bugs were small, but a couple were big enough to see.

FOX59 took the concerns to Eskenazi officials. Taylor even called the hospital and filed a complaint.

A spokesperson told us Thursday afternoon crews checked out the room per policy and cleaned it, but they did not find any evidence of bedbugs.

The claim follows an incident earlier this month where bedbugs were discovered in a psychiatric intake area near the emergency department, in a separate part of the hospital. A spokesperson said that incident was quickly resolved.

Still, bedbugs or not, Taylor says she's creeped out.

"I'll never go back there," she said.

The hospital maintains this incident shows they take patient concerns seriously.

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