Stretch your dollar this summer with these money saving strategies

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(June 11, 2015) – With big movies coming out and the temperature heating up, you may want to see a flick, but saving money will be a matter of which day you pick.

“If you go during the week, you can find discount passes and save nearly 50% on a movie ticket. For the entire family, you're looking at saving $20 to $40, plus you can get deals on concessions,” said consumer and money saving expert Andrea Woroch.

Tip two involves concerts. Make sure you scour the internet to save and keep an eye out on deals for ticket websites. At you can find discount coupons for Ticketsnow and TicketMaster, to save on buying tickets.

You can also check out for concert tickets.

With the average gym membership around $50 a month, you can save hundreds of dollars by using a strategy most people don’t even consider.

“Most gyms allow you to freeze your gym membership so you are just going to pay a small fee to hold onto that membership. It might just be $5 or $10 for the month since you can get that same great workout outside often times,” said Woroch.

During the summer, your air conditioning bill is certainly going to go up. So, the first tip is to install a programmable thermostat. The average savings is going to be $180 for the year. Also, keep the blinds closed, the AC fan on and have a pro to check out your AC unit.

Be sure to look for public-run camps and events, including day camps and family programs offered by city parks. Since parks are funded by the public, they tend to be more affordable than private camps, and some even offer sliding-scale admission based on income.

While a two-month camp may be out of your budget, ask if there are shorter options for less, like a three- or four-week camp. Keep in mind that camp costs qualify as child care expenses and if you itemize your deductions for tax purposes, make sure to list those costs when you file!

The final tip is for free stuff. Most museums, botanical gardens and other local attractions offer free days for visitors. You can also check with your bank to score free or discounted access to local attractions, such as you'll find for Bank of America card members.

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