Woman locks herself in gas station restroom before being arrested

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(June 13, 2015) – A Columbus woman locked herself in a gas station bathroom in order to avoid being arrested.

Columbus police were dispatched to a BP gas station on Jonathon Moore Pike for a domestic and/or fight in progress.

Police at the scene spoke with a man and a woman standing outside the BP building. They advised officers that a woman named Amberly was causing problems.

At that point in time Amberly Barnes, 30, of Columbus, exited the gas station. An officer asked her to step over to him, but she turned around, re-entered the gas station, ran in the bathroom, and locked the door.

An officer asked her to exit the restroom. He heard a flush, and he thought she could be flushing narcotics down the toilet.

The officer then forced the door to the restroom open, and Barnes was standing near the door and a piece of a trash bag was floating in the toilet.

Barnes was arrested and taken to the Bartholomew County Jail on a charge of Resisting Law Enforcement and on a Johnson County warrant for Possession of Marijuana.