Cloverdale standoff ends after 15-hour showdown with man, woman and baby barricaded in home

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CLOVERDALE, Ind. (June 18, 2015) -- A standoff ended early Friday morning at a Cloverdale home after state and local police spent hours trying to defuse the situation. Police say a man, his infant daughter and wife were barricaded inside their home near the center of town.

The standoff ended around 5 a.m. Friday. Indiana State Police said the man--identified as 33-year-old James E. Kirby--was taken into custody; the woman and baby inside the home were safe. Police took Kirby out of the home in handcuffs. Preliminary charges against him include resisting arrest, confinement and neglect of a dependent. Police described Kirby as cooperative and said they did find two guns inside the home.

"It just took a little while to convince him that the best course of action for him was to come out, and he finally realized that, come out, and he was taken into custody without an incident. He was not forced in any way," said Sgt. Joe Watts with Indiana State Police.

It all started after a visit from Child Protective Services around 2 p.m. Thursday. A family friend says CPS was doing an investigation of substandard living conditions inside the home. The friend says the conditions are far from substandard.

"They've got everything they need, refrigerator, food, they've got more food than most people have. And the place is just up to par," said Shawn Legg.

An Indiana State Police official says during the visit, the CPS worker reported seeing a gun, so the worker, along with the police escort got out of the building.

State police negotiators and SWAT team members showed up, as well as Putnam County emergency workers. State police say they take every situation like this very seriously, but there is a two-week-old baby girl in this equation.

"Normally in situations like this, a lot of the time the suspects dictate the pace of this if you will. What we don't want is to have needless injuries," Watts said about the standoff Thursday.

During the ordeal, Kirby posted updates on Facebook. At one point, he uploaded a picture of his daughter with the caption, "Please tell the news stations she's fine." About an hour later, he posted, "They will have to kill me to take my baby."

The man's father said of his son, "He's never done anything to this baby, he loves this baby."

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