Find beer bargains around Indy

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INDIANAPOLIS (June 22, 2015) -- If you love beer, you'll love this. You can buy a “growler” locally, and save big bucks on beer!

What's a growler? We'll let the experts explain.

“It's 64 ounces, so if you've seen the 16-ounce tallboy cans, usually they come in a four pack, that is what a growler is equivalent to,” said
Amy Haneline, beverage reporter for the Indianapolis Star.

Haneline went to 31 breweries in 31 days. She compiled a huge list of where to get growlers locally, and who has the best deals, on which days. You can find growlers, which are takeout only, in all kinds of breweries. That includes 3 Wise Men in Broad Ripple.

The glass growler itself is $6. You get to keep that, and you just bring it in for refills. Don’t forget there is growler maintenance you have to do.

"Just flush it with hot water when you are done. We also fill other people's growlers,” said Scott Lewandowski, general manager of 3 Wise Men Brewery.

Every brewery has their own specials on growlers. At Rock Bottom, they have $5 fills., Sun King has similar deals. At 3 Wise Men, their best
deals are every first Friday where they offer growler fills as low as $5. That's about a buck for a regular 12-ounce bottle of beer, which is a great price for a bar.

Most breweries accept other breweries' growlers. And if you like growlers, you might like crowlers as well. You can find the 32-ounce made-to-order at 3 Wise Men.

“We fill them up, and we seal them in a can. You can even watch us do it here if you want, it is kind of cool to see. We label it, you are out the door with it.
And it will last a lot longer because it is a pressurized system that really purges the oxygen from it,” said Lewandowski.

They also deliver growlers, except on Sundays, because they are not allowed to by law in Indiana. But you can pick up a growler at many bars on Sunday,
which has saved the day for many sports fans who forgot to stock up on Saturday because of Indiana’s alcohol laws.

Haneline also compiled a big list of places where you can get deals on pints of beer in case you don’t need the much larger growler.