Vacation scam complaints on pace to double this year, Attorney General says

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.(June 26, 2015)– Consumer advocates are warning Hoosiers to do their homework before booking a vacation as complaints about vacation scams are expected to double this year.

In 2014, the Indiana Attorney General’s Office received 48 vacation scam related complaints. This year, the office has already received 43 complaints.

Experts say you should stay away from free trip offers and lookout for fake booking sites. The biggest scam out there is when thieves rent out properties they don’t own or that doesn’t even exist.

“You’ve got your heart set on this great vacation and poof there it goes,” said Tim Maniscalo, President of the Better Business Bureau of Central Indiana. (8 Tips for Avoiding a Vacation Scam)

He suggested using a credit card to book a vacation so you can dispute the charge if it winds up being a scam. You should never have to wire money.

“That’s very dangerous. You will never see that money again if indeed some sort of a rip off,” said Maniscalo.

You can also call the resort or hotel directly to make sure they actually have you in their system.

If you’ve been scammed, make sure to report it to the Indiana Attorney General’s Office.