Court docs: Indianapolis high school ROTC instructor had sex with student, flirted with others

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 1, 2015) – An ROTC instructor at an Indianapolis high school is accused of having sex with a student and flirting with several others enrolled in the school’s ROTC program.

Troy Rush, 42, who worked as ROTC and physical education instructor at Warren Central High School, faces 11 counts of child seduction. Students often called him “Captain.”

According to court documents, a student who has since graduated said she “lost her virginity to the Captain at 17.” The sexual encounters happened from December 2013 until May 2015 at various locations, including the ROTC supply room, a wrestling room, ROTC armory, Rush’s office and an apartment belonging to the student’s mother.

The student and Rush also sexted one another via text message and various social media networks and exchanged sexually suggestive messages and photos. Rush always reminded the student to delete the messages, according to the probable cause affidavit.

A different student said Rush “had fondled her.” She told investigators they had contact inside the ROTC supply room. That student said Rush told her there were “no others and she was the only one he made advances on.” He also admitted to cheating on his wife, the student said.

The second student said there were rumors about “the Captain’s” forays with students at the school. A student who said Rush didn't abuse her said “he was hot and a lot of the girls called him husband and he called them wife.” She said Rush let them text him about problems and to ask questions about ROTC.

The first student later told a friend about her encounters with Rush; she told the friend not to tell anyone else, but the friend told her mother who then informed Warren Central administrators.

On June 10, investigators obtained a search warrant and spoke to Rush at school. He “didn’t want to speak with me at that time,” the investigator wrote.

Police obtained Rush’s work laptop, an external hard drive and a cell phone. Investigators took photos of the ROTC supply room and used a UV light in the area. “The UV light did respond in a concentrated area by the door and light switch,” court documents said. A piece of carpet by the door also responded to UV light, court documents said.

Warren Central High School released this statement Wednesday afternoon saying Rush had resigned:

Earlier this month and after the end of the school year, Warren Township administrators were made aware of allegations of inappropriate behavior involving Troy Rush, a JROTC instructor at the high school. Administrators immediately followed proper reporting protocol and contacted Child Protection Services. Law enforcement was also notified of the allegations.

As part of the investigation, Warren immediately removed Mr. Rush from any further contact with students and set up a meeting with Mr. Rush to address the allegations. During this meeting, Mr. Rush resigned his position with the district.  Warren has continued to monitor the work of the law enforcement agencies on this case.

To protect the ongoing legal process, and out of respect for the privacy of any victims of Mr. Rush’s actions, Warren will refrain from any further public comments.  Warren will continue its cooperation with authorities as they pursue their charges.

Sandy Runkle, with Prevent Child Abuse Indiana, said the case is unfortunately not unique and provides an important opportunity for parents to talk to their kids.

"We want to empower children to have that open communication from the get go, reassuring your child that if something does happen that you believe them and that it’s not their fault," Runkle said.

For more information on preventing sexual abuse and what to do if you suspect something is wrong, go to the website here.