NewsPoint exclusive: FBI adding more agents to fight violent crime in Indianapolis

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 1, 2015) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is bringing in more agents to help fight violent crime.  Special Agent in Charge W. Jay Abbott sat down exclusively with FOX59’s Nicole Pence to talk about the additional federal agents.

Abbott talked to Pence in March about the agency hiring at least six new agents to tackle violent crime in Indianapolis and work alongside the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department to investigate gang activity and gun crimes.

"It has been outstanding. The ability to bring federal prosecution to the table is a huge help because it usually includes a much stiffer penalty," said Abbott.

Now, Abbott tells FOX59 Indiana's FBI has added another dozen agents.

"Almost all of them are working criminal matters, and their impact has been fantastic," said Abbott.

The extra agents are needed here in Indiana as crimes become more violent and as ISIS uses social media to recruit homegrown terrorists.

"We are training to concentrate most of them here in Indianapolis on violent crime matters and work with IMPD and other local law enforcement to make sure we are enhancing their impact," explained Abbott.

Abbott says FBI Headquarters mandates all field officers start in criminal investigations.

"The type of threat that we are facing now is very new and different than anything we have faced before," he added.

Abbott says he's looking to hire even more agents for Indianapolis.