Police plan for busy holiday weekend with downtown fireworks and Rolling Stones concert

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 2, 2015) - Police are planning for a busy holiday weekend with several major events happening at the same time. IMPD will have a visible presence downtown to manage traffic and crowds during the fireworks.

Multiple agencies will be working together with the Indianapolis Department of Homeland Security. A mobile command unit will be set up downtown to oversee police operations.

Law enforcement is taking a new Fourth of July terror threat seriously. A recent bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI warns on non-specific threats from the extremist group ISIS.

"It's really just more preaching extra vigilance on the part of the public and the officers that are involved. The officers that are working we'll be briefed as far as the threat assessments and anything new that is going on," said Michael Bates, Deputy Chief of Homeland Security.

In addition to uniform officers, undercover officers will be patrolling the area. Other resources like the mounted patrol and a helicopter are part of the overall security plan.

Additional security cameras will also be setup in the downtown area to monitor the crowds. ISP Capitol Police will provide 43 officers to assist IMPD downtown.

Another big focus is security at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. IMS is expecting more than 50,000 people for the Rolling Stones concert taking place Saturday night.

"From a security standpoint we've obviously worked with local law enforcement quite a bit staying in touch with them you know with all the things that are going on around the country right now, just making sure we're ok there," said Doug Boles, IMS President.

Police said Fourth of July is typically one of their busiest nights and they expect this year could be even busier since the holiday falls on a Saturday.