Hoosiers continue to deal with debris days after severe storms

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 15, 2015)- The Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW) has crews out cleaning up debris, days after storms hit, causing damage in Indianapolis.

DPW has hired outside contractors to help with the clean-up process. The focus, right now, is on major streets and thoroughfares.

“We are looking to continue to pick up those fallen limbs, and trees, even branches that people are finding on their properties," said Benjamin Easley with DPW.

Neighbors who have significant tree branches, sticks, and leaves still in their yards are asked to bundle them and place them in front of their homes on the curb. DPW will come by and collect them. While there's extra crews, Easley is asking neighbors to be patient. He says there's a lot of damage in the city and around the county.

Easley says crews cannot pick-up debris on private property unless it's placed on the curb. DPW is also not responsible for trees on personal property.

The Better Business Bureau warns homeowners to beware of scammers who know they're looking for a cheap and quick solution. You should make sure your clean up crew is licensed and make sure you have a way to contact them in the future.

"They'll offer to do work for sometimes a very cheap price out there and you got damage to your house and you think ok I'm going to get this fixed. But these people number one
probably aren't licensed," said BBB Central Indiana President, Tim Maniscalo.

Maniscalo also say beware of companies that ask for money up front. To check out a company to make sure they're licensed check out the Better Business Bureau website

You can request a pick-up by calling the Mayor's Action Center at 327-4MAC.