‘It was a difficult and agonizing decision’ Double 8 Foods closing all stores

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 23, 2015) – After 58 years in the business, Double 8 Foods announced today they are closing all of their stores.

Elana Kuperstein, Double 8 Foods Executive Vice President, says it was a difficult and agonizing decision, and they have been struggling with the decision for about a year.

According to Kuperstein, the ultimate reason is declining sales.

“At some point, the numbers just didn't come in. Our sales dropped, our revenues dropped and we just couldn't keep up with it," he said.

They are a family-owned business and had four stores plus their headquarters, employing more than 40 people.

They opened in 1957 and are one of the last family-owned groceries in Indianapolis.

Neighbors were heartbroken to see closed signs on the doors. Many said they've shopped there since they were kids. Neighbors said they wished the company would have given neighbors notice a few days before the closure.

“I just came up here to get something and I noticed the doors are all locked," said neighbor, Bettie Davis.

Many frequent customers walk to the stores, citing the conveniences of the locations in their neighborhoods. Those customers said they'll have to go to another grocery store, one that's likely further away from home.

“That’s gonna be hard because there’s a lot of disabled people in the area that comes here," said Davis.

Employees woke up Thursday morning to find they were out of a job. Many of them found out on their way to work.

“I was getting up at 6:00, got a phone call at 6:09 telling me there was no need to come to work," said Janice Anderson.

The company released this statement:

We are very sad to let everyone know that we have Closed All of our Stores today, Thursday, July 23, 2015.

It was a difficult and agonizing decision to make after operating for 58 years.  Unfortunately, our declining revenues was too much of a challenge to overcome.

We are very proud to have served our neighborhoods throughout our existence and are grateful for the many good memories we've shared with neighbors, friends, and customers.  Most of all we appreciate the phenomenal and steadfast dedicated work of our employees.  Thank you one and all for your support.

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