Stretch your dollar and save money on patio furnature

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 23, 2015)-- Most people don't realize summer patio furniture and everything that goes with it, is already on sale at most stores.  And there's a key date it all began!

“The sales pretty much started right after the 4th of July, and they can go on for a month or two after that.  Summer is only a month old, so there’s still plenty of time to get out and enjoy it,” said Zachary Dugger, General Manager of HH Gregg in Greenwood.

Dugger says at HH Gregg, the sales are in full swing.  And even though patio furniture is one of their newer items, they are priced very competitively.

They have outdoor dining sets with 4 chairs, a table and umbrella for $299.  Some of the deals aren’t listed on-line. Check at each store to see what they have and at what price.

“We are already at 50 to 65 percent off of patio furniture.  We have one set that went down in price from $2,000 down to $899.  I mean the whole idea in retail is get it out before the end of summer and we still have plenty of stock and time for people to enjoy it for the rest of summer,” said Dugger.

Patio sale prices are pretty much as low as they'll go at HH Gregg, because they dropped everything the maximum, right off the bat.

At Lowe's, they're dropping their prices in steps.  Right now, all patio furniture is 25 percent off.

“When we get closer to August and we do our transition, the discounting of the patio furniture and outdoor decor will increase from 25 percent to all the way up to 50 percent,” said Shawn Mcnamara, the Assistant Manager at Glendale Lowes Lawn and Garden.

But heads up to buyers!  If you wait for the lower priced deals, the items may be snatched up by someone else.  And this time of year, stores are not restocking summer items.  They do have several items more than 25 percent off at Lowes.  They have an outdoor coffee table that was $228, but now it's half price at $114.  Like most stores, they're simply making room for fall and winter items.  And it's not just furniture on sale, but almost everything related to it.

“We have decorative lights on sales, tables, cushions, pillows, outdoor décor, umbrellas, even candle holders for your tables,” said Mcnamara.

So if you want a fire pit under $200, or all kinds of stuff at good prices, look now.

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