Westfield firefighters use technology to become more efficient

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WESTFIELD, Ind (July 27,2015)- The city of Westfield is using new technology in its fire stations, and officials believe it will help firefighters save people in danger.

The portal is called the Public Safety Information network for internal communications.

Westfield is the first city in the country to utilize this technology inside of a fire station.

The program displays useful information at a quick glance for first responders.

Monitors display a variety of information that includes information from 911 dispatchers in real-tine, the best route for crews to take to a scene, social media feeds, department notes, and any shift vacancies.

Westfield city officials say having access to all of this information gives its first responders a definite advantage when it comes to saving lives in an emergency situation.

“What this does is allows us to save those few 10-15 seconds of discovering the best route to get there by looking at these screens and in a position where seconds could mean lives, it can make all the difference in the world,” said Kyle Ericksen, the public information officer for the Westfield Fire Department.

Every fire station in Westfield is using the new program.

Some of the information displayed is specific to the area the station covers.

The city hopes the new portal will also improve communication between first-responders in the city.


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