Authorities warn of another jury duty scam happening in central Indiana

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 28, 2015)— Authorities are warning the public of another jury duty scam happening in central Indiana.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office and Marion County Sheriff’s Office issued a consumer alert after several complaints were received regarding the scam. Officials said the caller tells the person they failed to appear for jury duty and warns the person that an arrest warrant will be issued if payment is not made using a gift card or another prepaid card.

“We are investigating this particular scam and appreciate any information that potential victims can provide to assist in the investigation,” Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry stated.

Authorities said a legitimate notice for jury or grand jury in Marion County is always an official court summons and delivered via U.S. Postal Mail. They say officials will never contact individuals by phone requesting payment or personal information.

“This jury duty scam is awfully offensive. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office will never telephone citizens and ask them to pay a fine over the phone for failed jury service,” Marion County Sheriff John Layton warned. “These criminals are preying on the public’s trust in our institutions of justice and public safety. Protect your friends and loved ones by warning them about this terrible jury duty scam today.”

Adam Winkler got one of the bogus phone calls.

“They were calling in regards to a warrant for me,” said Winkler.

The caller falsely told Adam to come to the courthouse to pay $2,000 to get out of his warrant for skipping out on jury duty.

“He mentioned I had 2 choices. I could come to the sheriff’s office and give them $2,000 or they would send someone to my house and arrest me for 24 hours,” said Winkler.

According to the crime report, the suspect told Adam he could come to the courthouse and meet with the clerk named “Debbie McDonald”.

The suspects also told Adam he could come and meet with a judge named “Greg Allen”.

As Adam quickly found out, those are both fakes names.

“While I was on the phone with him, I looked up their names and saw these weren’t actual people,” said Winkler.

Individuals who believe they have received a fraudulent phone call regarding Marion County jury or grand jury duty are encouraged to contact the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office at (317) 327-5600.

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