Man caught on camera stealing American flag in Bloomington

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (August 7, 2015)- A security camera caught a man stealing an American flag from a Bloomington business.

“Who takes my flag? Who takes an American flag?” asked Jimmie Dean Coffey, owner of United Country Real Estate.

Sometime late Saturday night, surveillance cameras outside United Country Real Estate caught a guy yanking the American flag from its post. Another camera around corner captured the man taking off with the American flag in hand.

“(It’s) the disrespect of the American flag and the disrespect of the veterans and everyone that the flag stands for and the freedom that we have but that freedom don’t mean that you can steal the flag,” explained Coffey.

The flag was purchased at a Hoosier Burn Camp fundraiser. Coffey hung it outside on the Fourth of July weekend. The flag lasted only about a month.

Coffey isn’t interested in pressing charges.

“The system has a lot deeper and bigger problems to deal with but I think there’s a lesson to be learned here. I’d just like to talk to the kid,” said Coffey.

This business owner would like his flag back where it belongs and he wants the suspect to know he can have his own.

“If they want a flag come see me I’ll get them a flag,” said Coffey.

Coffey is holding out hope his flag is returned but if it’s not in the next week he will go ahead and buy a new one.