‘Your Town Friday’ travels to McCordsville to sample donuts, brewery and new vineyard

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MCCORDSVILLE, Ind. (Aug. 7, 2015) -- This week "Your Town Friday" is in McCordsville!  You'll find the Hancock County community about 20 miles northeast of downtown Indy.

"This is Scarlet Lane Brewing Company up in McCordsville, Indiana.  We focus on making beers that are going to be great for both the novice and experienced beer drinker.  We take a classic recipe and play with it and make it a bit different every single time," said Eilise Lane, owner and brewer at Scarlet Lane Brewing Company.

"We have the Dorian Coconut Stout.  It's something we're very passionate about and it’s big time for us: 350 lbs of coconut every single batch that we roast ourselves.  We make a Vivian Red IPA which is a flagship.  It's a mix of Indiana and the northwest.  Most of us have lived in the northwest, in the Eugene, Oregon, area and so we took that hop profile from the northwest, being really forward, and then melded it with some malts that are going to be from the Midwest and gave it a nice caramel middle."

Scarlet Lane Brewing Company names its beers after literary characters from 1870 through 1910. The tap room opened a year ago.

"Our entire company is just over a year old, we're young. We like people to come hang out, grab a pint, order beers from here and then you can order food from local restaurants and then they’ll bring it over here and something that is fun about our location is you can always see us working and creating the beers that you're drinking right now," Lane said.

"See the brewers work and sweat while you’re enjoying an ice cold beer.  It's a friendly inviting area, our bar manager is fantastic, we are always warm and inviting, and we've hired some locals so you can see people you know and try some different beers.  We always have something different on tap here than what’s available on the market so you’re always trying something new."

Even though you have to be at least 21 to enjoy a glass of wine, the new Daniel's Vineyard offers something for you and the kids!

"We're a new vineyard.  We planted our grapes in 2010 and we are finally starting to produce," said Stephanie Cook, wine maker at Daniel's Vineyard.

The family-run vineyard in McCordsville plans to open a tasting room early next year, but folks can still stop by and get in on the action.

"We harvest around September based on the grapes when they're ready.  We love people to come out!  We put it out on Facebook and our website for people to come harvest with us.  It's kind of a unique experience that most people don’t get to do around Geist.  It's nice being out here in the morning and feeling the sun rise and harvesting the grapes and becoming part of our grape process so when we produce the wine they can say they helped us with it," said Stephanie.

They offer a variety of wines people will not be familiar with and a variety people will be very familiar with!

"Indiana tends to be for sweet, and we're all about that.  We’ll have a bunch of sweet, but we're also going to have dry and semi-sweet, so we're going to shoot for the whole range of everything.  Pinot Gris, Syrah, we're going to get some Chardonnay and some other stuff but our goal is to educate and get people to try these new varieties they're not used to so hopefully they can start enjoying them, because a lot of the Indiana wineries have the same varieties because of our soil and weather," said Stephanie.

Stephanie says the town of McCordsville is still growing and this vineyard is a great asset to the area.

"It's not just going to be a place where people can have a drink but we have an annual grape stomp and this is something your kids and adults can come out here and enjoy because it's hard to find a place where you can have adults and kids enjoying one environment," she said.

"We have corn hole and we go with the 'I Love Lucy' things and everyone can come out here and enjoy some grapes.  It's something that is different.  We wanted the idea to bring a little bit of Napa to Indiana.  When you're back here you don’t really recognize where you're at.  It kind of has its own ambience.  It's going to be a unique and special experience for people to come back here and open a bottle of wine, sit out here with the wind and look at the vines," said Stephanie.

Once they get the tasting room open next year the vineyard has plans to start brewing beer so they'll have a little something for everyone!