Several motorcycles stolen around Indianapolis during MotoGP weekend

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INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (August 9, 2015) - Thousands of motorcycles lined the streets of Indy during the MotoGP event, giving cyclists the chance to show off their impressive choppers and sports bikes. With bikes on every corner police say thieves saw an opportunity to steal several bikes.

“It would be a prime place to look for what kind of bike you wanted. Everything and everyone was here with a plethora of bikes,” says motorcyclist Jeff Watson.

Four motorcycles were stolen overnight around the city, two from the Drury Inn parking lot on Michigan Road. That’s where a brand new 2015 Orange Harley Davidson was stolen and then just a short time later another Harley was snagged from the lot.​ Another motorcycle was stolen from the best western hotel near Southport Crossings Drive. The fourth bike was taken from underneath this downtown bridge on Meridian around 1 a.m. Sunday. The owner says the wheels on his motorcycle were locked at the time of the theft.

"They planned it all out I’m sure. They probably came in with a truck and a trailer and if the bike is not chained or locked, they can get in and out in about two minutes,” Watson.

Motorcyclists are ready to use extra security measures, so they don’t become the next target.

“I carry a disc lock with me, so maybe I will use it next year. So they just cannot roll my bike away,” says motorcyclist Gary Campbell.