Donors requested after local blood supply drops to critical levels

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (August 19, 2015) - The Indiana Blood Center is in the middle of a summer supply shortage, which they say could easily turn into an emergency situation.

Unfortunately, they say, this problem is common with summer vacation and schools out of session, where drives usually take place.

But, should a mass trauma or casualty happen, this supply is critical.

Right now, IBC says it’s about 100 donors short each day, and, history shows, later this month the demand will increase even more.

If they don’t have enough supply, those who suffer are the patients in need.

Indiana Blood Center says hospital patients don’t go away in the summer, and they can’t wait.

That’s why it’s important for volunteers to roll up their sleeves.

“The need is day over day, whether it’s a holiday or the summertime or kids are going back to school,” said Andrea Fagan with Indiana Blood Center. “There are patients at Riley that need transfusions, there are cancer patients who need treatment, and we’re asking our donors not to get so busy that they forget to give.”

Fagan said all blood types are needed.

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