Taking a look at the most dangerous intersection in Noblesville

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (Aug. 20, 2015) – State Road 37 is the most dangerous stretch of road for drivers through Noblesville. That’s according to crash data FOX59 obtained from the Noblesville Police Department dating back to 2012.

"I think the thing they need to do is place police out there 24 hours a day. And when you get into people's pocket books, now they pay attention,” said Dennis Zelhart.

That theory seems to be working; Noblesville police say they’ve stepped up patrols on State Road 37 and crash totals have gone down during the last three years.

But one intersection is still the biggest trouble spot for drivers.  State Road 37 and 146th Street is the most accident prone intersection in Noblesville.

Driver Sabina Quagraine offered two solutions: widen the road or add more time to the light crossing 146th Street.

“People are usually rushing through there because they know if they miss the light they have to wait five minutes or something,” said Quagraine.

We reached out to the Indiana Department of Transportation.  INDOT officials say they’ve received complaints about the light being too short across both roads in the intersection, and they’ve made timing adjustments in the past.

City officials have a tentative plan to expand State Road 37, but we’re told those plans are in the early stages and construction would be at least five years away.