Local city, government emails could be linked to cheating website Ashley Madison

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Aug. 21, 2015)-- Eight email accounts under the domain indy.gov have been linked to the cheating website Ashley Madison.

It's an online safe haven where thoughts of infidelity become reality--it was all a dirty little secret with more than 39 million anonymous users until hackers got a hold of the site now. It's completely legal and a personal matter unless you signed up using your government work email.

"HR is looking into the matter. We do have a policy for City employees that they are only to use their email accounts for official business," said Mayor Ballard Press Secretary, Brad Jacklin.

An anonymous internet watchdog posted a 25-page list of government domains allegedly belonging to Ashley Madison members.

"Just because the email showed up on the data dump doesn't mean that the individual actually signed up for the website. A lot of the email addresses are unverified. Somebody else could've signed somebody up," said Jacklin.

The Indiana State Personnel Department released a statement saying "We are currently investigating the validity of the in.gov e-mail addresses and if any were used in a way that violates the employee information resources use agreement. If such activity is found, the state personnel department and affected agency will take action as appropriate."

And some spouses may also take the appropriate action like divorce. But good news for the cheater, using a website like this holds no weight in court.

"It's irrelevant to divorce. We are a no-fault state. We don't litigate grounds. We don't look at who's at fault. We don't litigate who committed what wrong on the other spouse so in that sense it's more of an emotionally charged issue than a legal issue," said divorce lawyer Paula Schaefer.

Other domains on that list include Carmel, Greenwood and the Indiana Department of Corrections.

Check to see if an email address you recognize is part of the database on the Web: https://ashley.cynic.al/  or http://www.trustify.info/check