Prayer vigil held Sunday to honor victims in weekend shooting

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A prayer vigil will be held for the victims of Saturday morning's shooting that claimed two lives.

Andrew Holmes, a well know community activits from Chicago who's worked for decades against gun violence is the father of 32 year old Tamara Sword, a mother of 5 who was killed when gun fire broke out at a gas station in the 3800 block of Lafayette Road.

Sword was inside a vehicle when she was shot several times.

Police say she was taken to the hospital, but died shortly after.

Another victim, 28 year old Joshua Riggins was killed at the scene. Holmes says his daughter got caught in the middle of a fight that started earlier in the evening at the nearby Suite 38 nightclub and continued down the street at a gas station.

Police say a large number of people were at the scene and then ran away when they arrived at the scene.

Holmes says more than 45 gun shell casings were collected at the scene and believes someone there saw something, knows who did this and is begging for then to come forward.

“It takes a toll on you… I’ve seen it take toll on other families, but it hit home and it hitting home deep right now. That was my baby that they took,” said Holmes.

If you know anything, call Crimestoppers at 317-262-TIPS and you can also do that anonymously.

We’re told there is a $16,000 reward being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

The prayer vigil is being held at the gas station at 38th Street and Lafayette Road at 1:00 p.m. Sunday.