Healthcare clinic for seniors opens in Irvington

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Irvington, Ind. (September 1, 2015) - A new place for senior citizens to get healthcare opens in Irvington Tuesday and it offers more than just help for when you're under the weather.

"We’re a primary care doctor’s office for individuals on Medicare," said Brian Clem, Regional Vice President of Oak Street Health. "So we have a clinic here and we’re treating patients every day, but the other thing we do here in our centers is we have a nice community room where we have multiple events every day. Some social, some educational, and some fitness.

"The community room is open Monday to Friday for anyone in our community to come in and read the paper, have a drink of coffee with us, and just get to be part of the Oak Street community."

"We don’t want you to wait until you’re sick to come in and see us at the doctor’s office. We want to see you regularly. We want to spend a lot of time with you."

Oftentimes a barrier for seniors is finding a ride to the doctor's office. Oak Street Health offers free rides to and from the clinic.

"When our patients come here, we block anywhere from 20-40 minutes of the doctors time for that patient visit, so when the patient is here they will get the time needed for them to engage our physician."

"We focus on the older adult population. We serve individuals on Medicare. And that enables us to really focus in on the conditions or diseases that are more common in the older adult population and it enables us to focus on treating and managing those proactively. The cost to our patients of coming to OSH would be no different than their current Medicare coverage would be going to a different primary care doctor’s office."

Oak Street Health has 15 centers in the Midwest. Clinic leaders say they've reduced hospital admissions by 40% in the other cities.

"We look at where there is a high density of older adults and we look at the quantity of primary care offices in certain areas and we try and go into places where there are a lot of older adults who maybe don’t have as much access to primary care," said Clem. "Within Indianapolis, as we look across the city and we look at those densities of older adult population and we look at where the primary care is located, we established that our first two clinics in Indianapolis would be one on the Speedway side of town and one in Irvington."

Oak Street Health is hiring. Click here for more on the clinic and how to apply.