Marcus Hardy found guilty in Greenwood murder

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Update (April 7, 2016): Marcus Hardy sentenced to 65 years in DOC.

Update (March 10, 2016): Marcus Hardy was found guilty of murder.

GREENWOOD, Ind. (Sept. 1, 2015) – Greenwood police arrest a man accused of robbing and killing a 20-year-old last week.

Officers responded to 765 Woodale Terrace after a report that multiple shots were fired.

That’s where they found Douglas Lane, 20, dead from a gunshot wound to the head. Neighbors knew right away the murder had a simple motive.

“It was money. It was all about money,” said one neighbor who asked not to be identified.

That neighbor lives in the same building where Lane got gunned down.

Police say the suspect ambushed Lane while pretending to sell the victim drugs.

“He went to the apartment with the intent of selling a pound of marijuana to victim and two witnesses,” said Greenwood assistant police chief Matt Fillenwarth. “He never intended to sell marijuana. He didn’t have it on him. It was always his intent to rob the victim and two witnesses.”

Police tracked down the suspect, Marcus Hardy, to an apartment in northwest Indianapolis, but the suspect eluded capture before crashing his car and escaping on foot. On Monday afternoon, U.S. Marshals in Merrillville caught the suspect while he was hanging out in a mall.

While the death is the first murder in Greenwood this year, police know they are not exempt from big city crimes.

“Approximately 54 percent of all arrests we make in greenwood are not greenwood residents and most are from the Indianapolis area,” said Fillenwarth.

Neighbors are still sad that Lane lost his life, but they do have peace of mind knowing the accused killer is behind bars.

“It’s over so we’re happy. Neighbors are fine. This community is going to be just fine,” said that neighbor.

Police say the suspect planned to steal just over $3,000.

He is now being held at the Johnson county jail on a charge of murder.