Couple snaps ‘divorce selfie’ to commemorate friendship

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(September 8, 2015) – Divorcing your spouse can be a life-changing process. And for some couples — splitting up doesn’t always end amicably.

But according to Mashable, one former couple is looking at the bright side of their divorce. So they came together and snapped a heartwarming photo in honor of their separation.

Shannon Neuman posted a photo of herself and her former husband Chris on Facebook last Thursday, and it features them standing in front of a courthouse in Albany, New York together. Neuman called the photo a “divorce selfie.” Their eyes are lit up , and they both have excited grins on their faces. Despite the fact that their marriage is ending, they seem pretty happy.

Shannon wrote a bittersweet caption to go along with the selfie, and it describes why they were smiling — when they just did something that some people might consider a sad moment.

“We have respectfully, thoughtfully and honourably ended our marriage in a way that will allow us to go forward as parenting partners for our children,” Shannon explained in her Facebook post.

Now their touching photo has gone viral.

Shannon told the Huffington Post she and Chris weren’t celebrating when they took the picture. But she said if they were celebrating, it would be because they finished the process of divorcing — and they still remained friends.

“If it helps any couples struggling (even if they’re complete strangers to us!) then I think that’s awesome and it makes me feel super proud,” she said.

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