DeflateGate: Colts fans respond to federal court ruling to lift Tom Brady’s suspension

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind (Sep. 3, 2015)– New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady will be on the field for the first game of the season.  A federal judge nullified Brady’s four game suspension for his alleged role in the "DeflateGate" scandal.

While thousands of fans flooded Lucas Oil Stadium for the Colts fourth and final pre-season game, it was Brady and the Patriots that had fans fired up.

“He’s a lousy cheater, a stinking lying cheater,” said Colts fan Teena Rees.

“It’s a shame! People that do wrong should pay for their actions,” said Colts fan David Gatts.

Thursday, in a surprise ruling, a federal judge threw out the four game suspension Brady faced for his alleged role in the  deflation of footballs during the AFC Championship game against the Colts.

“They shouldn’t have lifted the suspension. I think they should have kept it because  it was true and they proved it to be true,” said Colts fan Raegan Southwood.

Patriots fans who were in attendance at Thursday’s Colts game see the ruling as a victory.

“They had no evidence, they had nothing,” said Michael Andresen.

Ken Unger is the president U/S Sports Advisors, a local  sports marketing agency.

“This ruling is a blow to the NFL. It jeopardizes their ability to regulate player conduct,” said Unger.

Ungar says this isn’t a win for Brady either– as the NFL announced an appeal to the ruling shortly after it came down. Furthermore, the damage to Brady’s image will continue.

“The damage to his brand is really incalculable. It certainly  hurts his ability to attract other partners because right now his brand will be associated with this for a long time to come,”said Unger.

Brady’s first game back was supposed against the Colts on October 18.  Initially, when the suspension was announced, ticket prices soared, according to Mike Peduto with Circle City Sports.

“Even without ‘DeflateGate’ it was going to be a big game," he said.

Peduto said regardless of the court decision, he expects a full house and heavy ticket demand when Brady comes to town.

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