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What lessons can be learned from attack on high school referee?

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ZIONSVILLE, Ind. (September 8, 2015) - In the football world, it's the video everyone's talking about, after two Texas high school players violently went after a referee in the middle of a game.

And it’s a scene that’s also on the minds of players and coaches here in Indiana.

“There’s no excuse for anything like that,” said Zionsville head coach Pat Echeverria. “If I had two guys who did something like that on their own accord, those two guys would no longer be on the team.”

“That was kind of ridiculous how they would do that to a referee,” said Zionsville quarterback Trevor Liechty. “One of the main things we focus on here is sportsmanship and no matter what the ref`s call is, what he says goes.”

Colts tight end Dwayne Allen can't believe it either. FOX59 got his take on the situation after the debut of Tuesday's Dwayne Allen show.

“I heard some of the comments how there may have been some derogatory comments (from the ref) but their actions are inexcusable,” said Allen. “You just can’t have that in the game of football.”

“Those kids should probably go to jail,” said IndyStar columnist Gregg Doyel. “That was two kids targeting a defenseless guy, trying to hurt him.”

The sport's governing body is based here in Indianapolis. Among other things, USA Football teaches young athletes about sportsmanship, and they say this goes against everything they preach.

“There's no place for this in athletics,” said USA Football communications director Steve Alic. “To see that violated in this way is discouraging, so I think that needs to be reinforced, the value of sportsmanship and respect, for yourself, and for your opponent, and certainly the game officials.”

Both players in Texas have been suspended and could even face criminal charges for their actions on the field last Friday.