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Federal agents, local authorities seize clubhouse of Outlaws Motorcycle Club

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Sept. 11, 2015)—Federal agents, along with officials with Indiana State Police and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, seized east side properties belonging to an Indianapolis motorcycle gang Friday morning.

Agents raided the clubhouse of Outlaws Motorcycle Club (OMC) on New York Street, as well as the house of a club member. The organization was at the center of an investigation for their role in several alleged illegal activities. No OMC members were found inside the clubhouse when authorities arrived.

Marshals on scene told Fox59 the raid was a result of a federal court order, mandating the Outlaws be out of the building by Wednesday.

"The outlaws were ordered to move out by Wednesday of this week," said U.S. Marshal Kerry Forestal, "They took the doors off and some of the things when they left. It might've been the final goodbye from them to the government."

Feds call today’s seizure a conclusion to a massive raid back in July of 2012 that netted in dozens of arrests in an effort by federal authorities to disrupt organized crime, where authorities swarmed 17 locations, including the Outlaw clubhouse, with warrants for 42 people.

"We actively used cooperating informants. We used an undercover agent to infiltrate the organization," said Brad Blackington, Assistant U.S. Attorney back in July of 2012.

In an 86 page, 49-count charging document filed in July 2013, it is alleged that members of the OMC engaged in organized criminal activity in Indianapolis and across the state. The indictment charged 51 individuals associated with the Outlaws with a wide variety of offenses, including racketeering, mail fraud, money laundering, extortion, drug charges, wire fraud, witness tampering, and operating an illegal gambling operation.

Friday, U.S. Marshals and state and local agencies formally seized the compound, putting up locks and searching for any illegal items left behind.

“Today we're seizing it, placing locks on it, the building, boarding it up,” said U.S. Marshal Kerry Forestal. “We're having asbestos tests done to make sure we don't expose it. We've got bomb dogs going through there to be sure nothing was left behind.”

Neighbors said over the weekend Outlaws cleaned out the house.

"A semi pulled up, and they've just been moving everything out of the house," said Ashley Parman, a neighbor.

Forestal said it's unclear who was living at the home now, but the Outlaws moniker was on the home. By Friday, it had been removed.

"I've been in law enforcement over here thirty years, and whatever happened to the Outlaws, they still came back home. Now they don't have a home to come back to," said Forestal, "If they raise their head again, law enforcement will step back up and do their job."


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